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Profitable Packaging with Humidity Tolerant Adhesive

Improving packaging quality has been the only target area where one can achieve more success than their competitors. The packaging sealant is an important area of packaging industry to focus upon. The adhesive used for assuring packaging seals must be test under distinct real-life condition which may contribute to their weakening. Humidity tolerance is one such factor that can make your packaging seal quality low with prolong exposure. Hence, using Humidity Chamber / Conditioning Chamber for checking the working behaviour of adhesives in real-life humid conditions is a must.

The chamber is equipped with highly advanced features for checking the humidity tolerance of material. It is designed to generate required humidity conditions and temperature. This artificially generated condition is accelerated to achieve faster test results. For testing adhesive material for its resistance against humid conditions the material must be placed inside the chamber for a specified relative humidity and temperature as per industry standards. The specimen adhesive must be first applied to the packaging film and joined firmly. Then it must be placed inside the cabinet.

After the estimated timed test, the inspection will be visual. The two packaging films having different adhesive will be checked by pulling it apart. The film taking more time to detach will pass and the other will fail. This way, the packaging films can be checked for its tolerance towards increasing humidity in the environment. The better sealant will be used for the production line and which will be highly resistant towards damaging environmental conditions.

The chamber has a wide range of features including PT 100 sensor for precise temperature control. Safety ensured with alarming buzz sound on test completion. Regulators are installed to maintain a uniform humidity condition throughout the body. Digital display for test read out of humidity and temperature. PUF insulation for delivering high-level isolation condition with zero heat loss. SSR heaters and water level indicator are other additional features for user comfort. Automated calibration feature allows the operator to tune in the machine as per industry requirement.

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