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Humidity Testing of Electrical Cables or Wires

Electricity cables and wires are everywhere. They form the basis of our networking and electronic connections. The cable mesh across the world has made it possible for us humans to connect with each other at an unimaginable speed.

Invariably our cable networks are prone to external climatic conditions, being exposed to direct sunlight, rain, high temperatures, extreme cold and yes flying animals. One of the most disturbing elements among all these is – humidity.  Humid weather means moisture-filled air, which means that if the cables or wires are not covered properly with a good quality plastic layer, it can enter inside the wires and damage the electrical signals. This could also lead to dangerous situations like short circuit and fire. Therefore, it is important to test the quality of the covering layer of electric cables against humid weather, using a Humidity Chamber.

The Humidity chamber is a reliable instrument used to evaluate the environmental limits for weathering of electric cables, used in telecommunications, defence, aerospace, pharmaceutical, automotive, and electronics industries. This equipment artificially replicates the environmental conditions a product or specimen may be exposed to, so that you can monitor the effects and changes caused due to sudden and extreme temperature variations (thermal shock), altitude, moisture or relative humidity and weathering.

Hence a small step towards quality control and testing of cables is the use of a Humidity Chamber to ensure that your cables are safe, long lasting and durable. A small step which assures not only security but also helps you to build trust among your consumers, leading to improved brand reputation.

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