Guide to Accurate Moisture Analysis

Guide to Accurate Moisture Analysis

You might have seen moisture testing equipment on websites and maybe some of the clients must have demanded a moisture testing through this equipment. What is it? What does it do? And how does it relate to your industry? We answer these questions and more in this post about moisture analyzer.

These are instruments that determine the moisture content of various types of samples. It weighs a sample, heats it up to dry it, and weighs it again once it’s dry. This is called loss on Drying (LOD), a standard method for measuring moisture. The sample is weighed, heated, dried and weighed again. The weight after drying is subtracted from the weight before, so the loss of moisture is determined using the loss of mass.

These equipment are usually quicker than ovens, and they do the analysis, calculations and weighing in the same instrument so the process has fewer steps, which decreases the chances of errors. There is no gap in the data from the beginning of the weighing until the weighing of the dried sample. They are also more portable, which is ideal if you have various labs or buildings that you need to transport the instrument to. They are also connected to computers and well adapted to data communication and analysis. It can have multiple test methods, and you can save them for later usage. They can be connected to printers for added convenience.


Presto’s Moisture Analyzer is an ideal instrument used to measure moisture and the amount of dry mass as well as the consistency of fixed and volatile substances with high accuracy. The testing instrument is highly used in the industrial sector to analyze adhesive materials, woods, mass, dust for the production and control of materials. The measuring system of moisture analyzer is integrated with all the advanced properties of modern balance. In addition to this, we offer an extensive range of testing machines for moisture determination.

It is fitted with halogen heating with precision weighing technology to effectively, quickly and accurately assess moisture content of the test sample under the test procedure. It is perfect for chemical, pharmaceutical and research industries for getting accurate and consistent results.

Few key features of the machine we offer are:

  • Fully programmable Digital Model
  • Ergonomic operating controls
  • Thermogravimetric based technology for checking moisture content
  • Data output on LCD digital display
  • Built-in library of 50 test readings can be accumulated
  • Display with all test data during the dry process
  • Built-in RS 232 communication interface
  • Faster rate of heating with halogen dryer

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