Evaluate Moisture Content in Food Material

Evaluate Moisture content in Food Material

The Moisture content has a great impact on the taste, weight, texture, appearance and validity of food material. This is why a manufacturer set a particular amount of moisture level for the product prior to its packaging. Even a minute difference in the set value can impact the properties of the food substance. For instance, food material which is drier than their set value will change the consistency of the final product. On the other hand, an excess amount of moisture can make the food getting trapped in the piping stage during production. Additionally, it can promote the growth of microorganisms.

Hence, having a specified moisture content is of huge importance to a food manufacturer. For these reasons, food analysts research the balance between moisture content and solid part of a food material to ensure quality, safety, and profitability from products.

The Moisture Analyzer is an advanced mode testing device for calculating the moisture content of a paper, corrugated sheets, plastic parts, food material etc. It works on the principle of thermogravimetric analysis and is a hassle-free setup. The design complies with several test standards which are globally accredited.

The machine involves an easy setup prior to starting the test. First, open the device and place the heat shield, and the draft shield. Insert the Pan Holder pin gently. Place an aluminium pan inside a pan holder and put it inside the machine. Press the tare key to take the value of the empty plate and now put the sample. Please note that the sample must be placed uniformly and evenly. The display screen is digitalized and allow the user to control and manage the program. From the display screen, choose the required display program. Now start the test cycle. The heating process can be seen on the machine when it glows from inside. The screen shows results such as moisture, solid and regains weight.

The drying curve is also displayed on the screen. Shows statistical data for error-free calculation. Equipped with circular halogen lamps for uniform heating and gold reflective interior for increasing the heating efficiency. Offers 50 drying programs with 4 drying profiles. Addition to that there are 6 distinct shut down criteria. Test data can be seen with distinct measuring units. The user can set intervals for printing or recording. Inbuilt RS232 technology for printing results or data extraction.