Evaluate Moisture Content of Sand

Evaluate Moisture Content of Sand

Sand is an important ingredient of cement and related materials. Its moisture content plays a vital role for its application. Therefore testing the moisture content of sand is considered to be important in quality control department. This can be done using Moisture Analyzertest equipment. This machine works on the principle of precise heat analysis and deliver accurate moisture content value.

The machine is a reliable apparatus helpful for checking the moisture content of paper, corrugated boards, powder substance and numerous other product rapidly and successfully. The Moisture percentage is dictated by the guideline of thermogravimetric. Completely programmable Digital Model is delivered. Ergonomic working controls can be experienced. Thermogravimetric based features for checking moisture content precisely.

Information generation on LCD Digital based display screen. Can save up to 50 test readings. All test information during the test process can be displayed. Worked in RS 232 correspondence interface. Quicker rate of warming with halogen dryer. Simple stockpiling and recovery of test information. Easy to use menu driven framework for choosing test parameters and managing the test. In-house Calibration feature for auto-tuning of the equipment.

Test data can be seen in various language – English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian. Selectable Drying profile – Fast, Ramp, Step. Factual and accurate data can be retrieved. It has a cutting edge halogen heating technique. Has a successful and precise moisture content calculation of the specimen under examination. It is perfect for the pharmaceutical, compound and research enterprises for reliable precision amid testing.

Also suitable for Lab, Production and QC. The Round Halogen light guarantees better precision by warming the specimen equally and delivering controlled voltage increment to light enormously upgrades globule life.