Gauges for Bottles Thickness Measurement

Gauges for Bottles Thickness Measurement

Gauges for Bottles Thickness Measurement

Thickness Measurement Gauges are very useful testing devices that are used in different production verticals to measure the wall thickness of PET bottles, glass bottles, heavy plastic bottles, jars, containers and other related products for testing purposes. These gauges are widely used to perform the non-destructive type of testing on ferrous, non-ferrous and various other materials to fulfill the requirement of different applications. Plastic industries use thickness gauges to measure the thickness of various plastic products without deforming them; paint industries measure the thickness of the paint, which is applied to the substrates and so forth. There are many thickness gauges that are utilized in different industries.

Wall Thickness Gauges for Ferrous Materials

The wall thickness gauge is widely used to test the thickness of coating and paints that are applied on the ferrous materials. For such a type of testing machines, it is mandatory to ensure that the material on which coating is applied has magnetic properties. The magnetic thickness gauges measure the distance between the coatings and metals with the help of magnetism and offer highly accurate reading to the users.

Wall Thickness Gauges for Non-Ferrous Materials

Apart from the thickness gauges for ferrous materials, many thickness gauges are designed to test the thickness of the non-magnetic and non-ferrous materials as well. These instruments are designed with a probe and provided with a magnetic ball which is placed inside the containers to measure the exact thickness of the product using ultrasonic waves. Hence, these devices are also known as Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge.

  • Destructive Testing for Wall Thickness Measurement

Destructive means of testing the thickness of the materials is done by cutting the material into multiple sections to analyze the thickness of the bottle’s wall. When a material is cut into multiple sections, one of the samples is put inside the measuring device through which an optical beam passes to measure the thickness of coating perfectly. Like every time, it is not possible to cut the sample; this type of testing is rarely performed.

  • Non-Destructive Testing for Wall Thickness Measurement

The methodology of Non-Destructive testing has eliminated the requirement of performing destructive testing to a great extent. It is a widely used test procedure to measure the wall thickness of bottles, as it does not involve any type of cutting or deformation of samples to measure the thickness of the material.

How Non-destructive testing is performed?

Non-destructive testing is performed by placing a ball inside the bottle, or a container, whereas the probe of the device is placed opposite to it on the outer wall of the sample. Once the ball and probe are placed in their position, the probe received and reflected the ultrasonic waves to measure the actual gap between the probe and ball, which is further considered as a wall thickness of PET bottles. This type of testing can be performed easily with the help of a testing instrument known as thickness measurement equipment. It is the best wall thickness gauge which is used to perform non-destructive testing easily to measure the wall thickness of PET bottles. By accurately measuring the thickness of the bottles, the manufacturers in PET industries can ensure the uniformity of the bottle wall thickness gauge from all the angles of the Bottle.

Magnamike 8600 – For Wall Thickness Measurement

Magnamike 8600 is a widely used and highly effective testing machine that offers accurate measurements of the wall thickness of PET bottles. The Magnamike works on the principle of Hall’s Effect. Some of the technical specifications of Magnamike 8600 are:

  • Data Storage – Removable Micro SD card of 2 GB
  • Battery life – 12 h to 13 h
  • The instrument is provided with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
  • It provides the option of multiple language selections such as Japanese, English, International, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Czech, Italian, etc.
  • Display type – Full VGA LCD with transflective color
  • Alarm – High & Low alarms
  • Resolution – 1 mm, 0.01 mm, 0.001 mm.
  • Display dimensions (W x H, Diagonal) – 117 mm x 89 mm, 146 mm
  • Capture mode – At 60 Hz measurement rate
  • Data logger – Alphanumeric data logger
  • Minimum Thickness measurement range: 0.001mm
  • Maximum Thickness measurement range: Up to 4mm

Salient features of Magnamike 8600 – Wall Thickness Gauge are mentioned below:

  • Work on the basis of Hall Effect sensor principle.
  • Repeated measurements can be done on a single test sample
  • Digital display readout
  • Measurements through Target Ball and Magnetic probe
  • Replaceable Wear Caps – Standard & Chisel type
  • Larger Color VGA display
  • Fast measurement rate 60Hz
  • Programmable lock system with password for security purposes

This testing instrument helps in confirming the best strength of the PET bottles and helps the manufacturers of different industries to maintain the safety and freshness of their products with the best strength of packaging. For more information on Magnamike 8600, Visit:

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