Measure Wall Thickness of Plastic Components

Measure Wall Thickness of Plastic Components

Plastic components have their part and role in various industries and has numerous applications. And as their uses grow their quality complications grow too. Which is why manufacturers, have their sole responsibility to conduct precise quality control test in their unit. Among many properties, plastic has a value for its thickness based upon its applications. So the producer have to be specific in setting their use as well as their thickness.

Magnamike 8600 is a highly advanced measurement tool used for evaluating the wall thickness of Plastic components. It uses non-destructive method for conducting wall thickness measurement. Make use of magnetic field technique to perform repeatable and precise assessment. Suitable for non-ferrous material like plastic, PET bottles, Glass material, packaging material, can measure wall width of automotive tear seams and also in aerospace industry to conduct highly precise measurements.

The working of the equipment is based upon Hall Effect’s sensor. Equipped with a huge digitally operated LCD screen for measurement read out. User can perform repeatable test on the same sample for adding more accuracy to test results. Uses target ball, or a target wire (in case of plastic component) or disk with magnetic field for measuring the thickness. It can measure thickness of up to 25.4mm.

The probe wear caps are replaceable in case of getting damaged with standard and chisel type caps available with the kit. The target selection is expandable and ranges from 0 to ¼ in. with magnetic target balls or wire targets. The display screen uses large VGA color screen. Delivers faster measurement frequency with speed of 60 HZ. The equipment can even be locked when not in used with programmable software feature. Uses RS-232/USB/VGA as output Communication portals making sharing the test data easier.

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