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Non-Destructive Wall Thickness Gauge is the Call of Today

Days are gone when technicians were used to cut open the bottle structure for accurate wall thickness measurement. What a mess it was. First you have to construct the product using your entire production line equipment, then the manufactured product have to be cut open using another line of instruments.

After all that, you are now able to take the wall measurements from the PET bottles. All this mess not only costed you a lot of money but also leaded nowhere, as using destructive methods cannot assure 100% accuracy. But now things are bit different, with passing time, a positive revolution of Non-destructive wall thickness gauge have taken place and became the call of today.

Compared to the destructive method thickness gauge has been very accurate and is clean in operation. The wall thickness gauge uses a Metallic target ball and a magnetic probe. There is no need to cut out the sample for thickness measurement. The target ball can be inserted inside the bottle. Hold the bottle specimen in a horizontal position and move the ball alongside wherever you want to test the thickness.

Magna-Mike 8600 is portable wall thickness gauge. The probe is then placed at the same area and connected with the target ball using magnetic forces which attracts the metal ball towards the probe. By this we can ensure that the ball and probe do not have any other space left between them. The only thing which is left in between is the bottle material and its thickness. Now this thickness can be easily evaluated using the Magnamike thickness gauge.

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