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Gauge The Thickness Of Preforms With Preform Thickness Gauge Tester

In PET & Preform industry, quality assurance is the most important trait that helps to ensure the quality of the products and helps the manufacturers to build a trusted and strong customer base. If the quality and strength of the Preforms is not up to the mark, it will create an important quality flaw and affect the quality of the end products that are packed inside. The major attribute of the PET and preform that explains the quality of the Preforms is Wall Thickness. The wall thickness of the PET products helps to explain various other attributes of the PET products like compressive strength, bursting strength and many more.

To test the thickness of the walls of the Preforms, it is essential to make use of high quality, precise and accurate testing instruments. Magnamike 8600 is extremely precise and accurate testing device which is widely used in PET industries to assess the uniformity and quality of the walls of the Preforms and PET products. It is a non-destructive method that measures the thickness of the walls of Preforms on the basis of Hall’s effect. This instrument measures the thickness of the Preforms using a magnetic probe and replicable caps.

Presto Stantest is an authorized dealer and supplier of Magnamike 8600, a high quality of Preform thickness gauge instrument. The device is supplied with the conformance certificate and user manual that ensure its easy operation. To know the technical specifications visit at Magnamike 8600.

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