Everything You Need To Know About Paper GSM Checking

Everything You Need To Know About Paper GSM Checking

Those who run a business must definitely make use of business cards and invitations to give information about your business to clients. If you are one of the business owners, then you must hear of the term GSM. If not, then you must have received these types of paper products in bulk and must have an idea about the nitty-gritty details that will include paper size and thickness. You can check the weight of the paper and its products by using a paper GSM tester. This amazing tool is a basic need for many manufacturers, packagers, consumers as well as developers who work in the paper & packaging industry.

If you are searching for a reliable GSM testing machine then we recommend you to go with Presto Testing Instruments. Here you will find a complete range of electronic balances and weighing scales that would be useful in various applications of paper as well as the packaging industry. The Digital GSM balance from Presto will be helpful in indicating the paper quality and can provide the results in grams per square meter. This amazing testing instrument is designed with care and provides you with accurate results. With a compact as well as space-saving finish, you will be able to easily determine the quality of paper products.

Here in this article, we are going to provide you with effective information about the ways through which you can easily determine paperweight. So, let us get started!

2 Effective Ways through Which You Can Easily Determine the Paperweight

Besides using a paper GSM tester, you can also evaluate the weight and quality of paper used in the packaging and paper industry by following two ways. Here we have mentioned these two methods that make the use of different standards and measurements to determine paper quality. So, you can read them below.

  • Through Caliper

This is one of the best ways to measure the paperweight. The tool used here is called a caliper or a micrometre. This method is effective to measure the thickness of the paper. Thus, you can easily determine the thickness which can be measured in points. 

  • Through Basis Weight System

This is also considered as one of the reliable ways to measure the weight of paper. With the help of this system, you will be able to determine the size of around 500 sheets of paper of one type. The resulting weight that comes after measurement will be used to categorize the paper, irrespective of final cut dimensions.

These are two more effective methods that you can consider while checking the weight of paper. If you want to know the reliable and most trustworthy method, then you should read below.

Easy Way to Know the Thickness of Paper

As we all know that the GSM stands for grams per square meter and it helps the buyers and manufacturers to know the exact quality of paper used in the products. If the GSM value will be higher, then the weight of the paper will be more. Thus, the more convenient and effective method you can use to determine the thickness of the paper is with the help of a paper GSM tester. This testing machine is easily available at Presto Testing Instruments at affordable prices. It will tell you the accurate value. The best part is that this machine has a breeze shield that will help you to do air-free weighing of paper. Thus you should consider buying this amazing testing instrument from Presto. We hope you get the relevant information regarding the paper GSM testing instrument.