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Calculate The Weight Of Textile Materials With GSM Balance

The weight of the materials can be determined in two ways i.e. either weight per unit area and weight per unit length. The weight per unit area is clear from the name but, the weight per unit length requires explanation because the weight of the unit length of the material is also affected by the width of the materials.  In case of woven fabrics, the weight per length is considered as the weight per yard. Therefore, it is necessary first to understand the width and length of the material both before calculating the GSM of the material. Before the introduction of GSM, the weight of the textile materials is calculated with the lbs/100 yards. This term is widely used according to the British standard test methods.

Nowadays, various weighing balances are introduced to determine the weight of the material. The list of weighing balances includes GSM balance, quadrant weighing balance and many more. Out of these instruments, Digital GSM balance is the best and widely used testing equipment which is used to measure the GSM of the materials. To calculate the GSM of the fabrics, GSM cutter is used to cut the material in a standard size. Now weigh the material using the GSM balance. These instruments are used for both knitted and woven fabrics.

Presto Stantest offers a wide range of electronic balances and weighing scales. In one of the best weighing balance offered by Presto Stantest is “Digital GSM Balance”.  The laboratory testing device is used laboratories to measure the weight of circular specimens of textile materials and fabrics. This testing instrument Digital GSM balance helps to calculate the weight of the standard size circular materials in Gram per meter sq. The device is very portable in nature and offers highly accurate test results.

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