Calculate Accurate Weight Of Fabrics With GSM Balance

Calculate Accurate Weight Of Fabrics With GSM Balance

The weight of the different types of materials can be calculated mainly on the basis of two unit measurements i.e. weight/unit length and weight/unit area. The weight of the fabrics per unit area is quite easy to judge as it is clear from its name but the weight of the material per unit length requires detail information because the weight of the particular length of a material is also affected by its width. In the case of textile materials, the weight per length is considered as weight per yard. Hence, it is mandatory to ascertain the length and width of the materials both before calculating the GSM of a material. Before introducing the GSM of the material, the weight of the textile products is calculated with the unit per 100 yards. This term is used as per the standards that are introduced by British standardization authorities.

Different Types of Weighing Balances

Nowadays, various types of weighing balances are used to measure the accurate weight of the material. The list of weighing balances includes quadrant balance, GSM balance, etc. Out of the available range of weighing balances, Digital GSM balance is the foremost and widely used testing device which is used to measure the GSM of the materials. To ascertain the GSM of the fabrics, GSM cutter is used to cut the materials in standard shape and of standard size. Now weigh the material using highly effective GSM balance. These instruments are used to weight both types of materials whether woven fabrics or knitted fabrics.

Best Weighing Balance for Fabrics

Presto Stantest offers a broad range of electronic balances and weighing balances. One of the best testing devices that are used in laboratories to ascertain the weight of the circular specimens is Digital GSM Balance. It is not only used in textile industries to weigh the fabrics but also used in paper and packaging industries to take the weight of the papers and cardboards or corrugated boxes. The testing machine is used to calculate the weight of the circular sample in grams per meter square. The device is portable to use and offers highly accurate test results.