Ensure the Safety of Plastic Materials against Fire with the Flammability Tester

Ensure the Safety of Plastic Materials against Fire with the Flammability Tester

Flammability Tester

Plastic and polymer materials have managed their way as the top choice of manufacturers from different industries because of their  construction-friendly properties. Polymers & plastics are one of the most affordable and durable materials after metal to be utilized in the production of goods.

However, there are certain aspects where metal is clearly the better choice but using metal is not at all affordable and can cost hefty. Providing good quality at cheaper prices is the ultimate goal of all manufacturers as it will capture the maximum customer base which will lead to enhanced profitability. This is the reason that manufacturers use plastics even in places where metal is a more suitable material.

In the automobile industry, hard plastics have made their way along with metals for certain reasons other than just affordability which makes these plastics a lot more prone to catching fire. To avoid such incidences where a polymer plastic catches fire and then burns the entire body of the machinery it is associated with, the Presto Group has come up with a highly advanced lab testing instrument known as the flammability tester.

The instrument is a result of top-quality engineering and the hard work of the Presto Group to make sure that no accidents should take place or occur due to the compromised quality of a product.

The flammability tester determines the speed at which a polymer material, leather, or fabric burns. The rate of burning can not exceed a certain level to ensure the safety of the end consumer. Manufacturers must adhere to the regulations and make sure such incidents do not take place at all.

It is necessary to acknowledge the working concept of the flammability tester and evaluate the qualities of the lab testing instrument.

Functioning Concept of the Flammability Tester

The flammability testing equipment has spread its popularity amongst manufacturers from various industries like fire because of its ability to conduct the testing at two different angles i.e. the horizontal positioning of the sample & the vertical positioning of the sample.

To conduct the flammability test, the operator must make sure that the specimen being used is not thick. The operator can now adjust the sample inside the testing chamber by clamping it inside the jaw of the flammability testing equipment.

Before clamping the specimen the operator has to choose which testing method to follow i.e. horizontal & vertical wherein the sample is placed at 45o & 90o angles respectively.

After clamping the specimen precisely, the operator can simply adjust the burner in a tilted position facing the specimen. the placement of the specimen can be adjusted as well with the help of a dedicated specimen assembly mover with a handling structure at its end.

The operator can simply turn the gas flow of the burner on from the gas burner dial associated with the outside of the wall of the flammability testing equipment. The operator can now simply ignite the burner with the help of a  lighter.

It is highly important to adhere to these two safety measures:

1. One must use a lighter instead of a match stick and make sure to keep the burner flame low that is adjustable from the burner gas dial.

2. The operator must close the magnetic door after igniting the burner for security purposes.

The flame can now be increased as per the designated standard guidelines or the requirements of the customer.

The horizontal flammability tester or the vertical flammability tester simply burns the specimen attached to the horizontal jaw placement or the hanging from the vertical jaw. When the specimen is burnt the flame touches the motorized jaws which have sensory motors and that leads to an automatic cut-off of the burner to safeguard the overburning issue.

The digital flammability meter associated with the inner testing chamber determines the time the specimen took to burn completely and the flammability of the specimen is derived.

This is how the flammability test is conducted in both the methodologies and accurate results are indicated.

The instrument has key attributes that contribute to the ease of functioning, and safety measures as well as the accuracy of the lab testing equipment.

Key Attributes of the Flammability Tester

The first and foremost feature of the lab testing instrument is the incorporation of the automatic burner turn-off once the specimen is completely burnt with the help of the sensory jaws.

The flammability test is conducted with absolute accuracy with the help of a 2 in 1 feature – the inclusion of a magnetic door. The magnetic door ensures no external forces to hamper the flammability and temperature of the inner chamber and also ensures the safety concept by acting as a guarding layer between the ignited burned and the operator.

The horizontal flammability tester jaws and the vertical flammability tester jaws have rugged surfaces that ensure no slippage of the specimen during the conduction of the testing.

The flammability tester is equipped with different angle placement of the burner that allows the testing to be precise & accurate over & over again.

The flammability tester offers a top-notch & robust construction that has attracted the attention of manufacturers from different industries as it is made up of stainless steel and mild steel material coated with 7-layered powder paint.

The instrument has a microprocessor-based digital display that indicates the results accurately, enabling the operator to keep track and compare for the purpose of analysis.

All these features and a lot more of these amalgamate together to aid the operator in reaching the accurate testing result with absolute facile.

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