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Get Standardization with Flammable Test of Electrical Devices

Electrical devices on whole or components and parts used in it can never be inert towards fire hazards. They can be resistant up to a level but not inert. To check whether a material is OK for placement in an appliance they must clear a UL94 flammability test and for which one needs a standardized Flammability TesterManufacturers to supply their products to a wide range of industries need to certify their products under the flammability test.

The test cabinet is designed for conducting a preliminary flammability test of electrical devices. The test is taken as an acceptability level for using the parts in devices and appliances which can catch fire easily in their daily use. It is very important to note that the test do not deliver the real picture or actual behaviour of the specimen when under real fire situations. The cabinet apparatus complies with UL94, globally trusted flammability test standard.

It allows surface burning, vertical burning and Horizontal Burning test. Along with this it is also capable of performing 94HB, 94V, 94VTM, 94-5V, 94HBF, 94HF classifications and Radiant Panel test. Considered best for products having stock shape such as sheet, rod, tube and film. The test equipments is equipped with Digital 7 segment based display screen for test output. Kept an ideal distance between the burner and the specimen of 100 mm. offer dual specimen holding angle at 45 and 90 degree.

Has an igniting flame length of 20 mm. offer automation features such as automated stoppage of flame during the test. Entire cabinet is composed of high-grade steel material. Has a dust collector tray to assure easy cleaning of the chamber. A Cylinder Regulator with Pipe is a part of the delivery. 1 set of specimen holder for strong clamping. An empty LPG cylinder is also delivered.

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