Falling Of Pet Bottles With The Help Of Proper Testing Procedures

Avoid Frequent Falling Of Pet Bottles With The Help Of Proper Testing Procedures

Avoid Frequent Falling Of Pet Bottles With The Help Of Proper Testing Procedures

With the increasing demand of PET bottles in different industries, it is becoming more and more challenging for the manufacturers of PET bottles to provide the best quality of products. To fulfill such high demand for high-quality PET bottles, a production a very large scale is needed. 

When the PET bottles are manufactured at such high rate, there are great possibilities that all of them are not of perfect quality. Many of them would have some quality defects that are not acceptable. The manufacturers need to ensure that no PET bottle with quality defects reaches the customers.

The manufacturers need to commence proper testing procedure that can help in providing best quality assurance of packaging containers to the clients. There are many major defects that are found in PET bottles and which cause prominent problems for the manufacturers of the products that are packaged in the bottles. Additionally, they also possess a great threat to the products.

Frequent falling is one of the major quality defects that are found in PET bottles. Due to this defect, the bottles are not able to sustain their vertical positional and fall very frequently. There might be several different reasons that cause the bottles to fall easily even on a flat surface. Here are some defects and remedies discussed that are related to this problem faced by the users and manufacturers of PET bottles.

Bad proportion of weight in different

This can be a major cause of the problem of frequent falling of a PET bottle. There are three different sections of a PET bottle that are named as Bottom, Top, and Cylinder. The individual weight of these three sections is of great importance. It is important that the weight of this section is in right proportion as prescribed for a particular shape and size of a PET bottle. The bad proportion of the weights causes the frequent falling of the bottle when used by the users. This can be a great problem for the users as the products can spill out of the bottle when the bottle falls. In order to prevent this, the manufacturers of PET bottles need to test the accuracy of the weight of different sections of the bottles with proper testing procedures.

In order to accurately test the weights of the individual sections of the bottles, it is essential to cut the bottle in a perfect manner. Cutting the bottle with a knife or any other means can be very difficult and also it can deform the bottle which can cause a diversion in the test results.

In order to cut the bottle, the hot wire bottle cutter should be used which is one of the best options to cut the bottle in perfect size and without causing any deformation in the bottle.

Perpendicularity of bottles

Another possible cause of frequent falling of PET bottles is a problem with its perpendicularity. If the bottle is not perfectly perpendicular, it can be a prominent cause of frequent fall of the PET bottles. The perpendicularity issue can because of defects in the preform or due to the defects in blowing process.

The Pet bottles must be checked using a Bottle perpendicularity tester which can give an exact evaluation of the degree of perpendicularity of the PET bottles.

Preform Perpendicularity

For perfect perpendicularity of PET bottles, it is also essential that the preform that is used for stretch blowing of the PET bottles also should have perfect perpendicularity. The Perpendicularity of Preform is also checked through a precise testing instrument called Preform perpendicularity tester. The testing instrument helps the manufacturers of PET bottle in making sure that the bottles manufactured by them are of best perpendicularity.

With these methods, it becomes very easy to ensure that the bottles are perfectly balanced and can easily convey the products in a safe manner from the manufacturer to users.