Evaluate the Burning Rate of Materials with the Flammability Tester

Evaluate the Burning Rate of Materials with the Flammability Tester

Evaluate the Burning Rate of Materials with the Flammability Tester

Manufacturers make the use of different plastic raw materials.These raw materials undergo various testing measures in order to be assessed upon their quality which makes sure that the end consumer receives maximum assurance. This helps the manufacturer gain a brand reputation by attaining maximum consumer satisfaction.

One of the most important & crucial tests that the materials being used in the production undergo is the measurement of their burning rate to eradicate the certainty of any fire-related hazards or jeopardies.

It becomes difficult for manufacturers to assess the speed of burning or the burning rate of a material at different angles and at different levels. The Presto Group has come up with a lab testing instrument to curb this solution of the manufacturers and provide them with a top-notch experience in assessing the burning rate of raw materials.

The engineering perfection – Flammability Tester is the invention done by the Presto Group to eradicate the possibility of any fire-related jeopardies. It is important to understand how the flammability testing equipment functions to assist the manufacturers in achieving maximum accuracy.

Functioning of the Flammability Tester

The flammability tester is designed to assess the thermal stability of materials before utilizing them in final production to avoid hefty losses later on and ensure maximum assurance to the consumer of the product.

The flammability testing equipment measures the thermal stability of the specimen by evaluating them from two different angles:

1. Vertical positioning (45o angle)

2. Horizontal position (180o angle)

The lab testing instrument is equipped with sensory jaws for the placement of the specimen. The specimen is firmly clamped between the rugged surfaces of the jaw with the help of a tightening knob.

The jaw is placed in such a manner that the burner faces the specimen hanging from the lower end towards the burner. The burner is ignited by the operator which has an adjustable flame as per the requirements of the manufacturer or the designated standard being considered during the testing.

The flame is adjusted with the help of a flow control valve, allowing the manufacturer to single-handedly adjust the flammability according to the specimen.

The flame takes place with the help of an LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) operated with the flow control valve.

Once the flame reaches the specimen, the specimen burns at a certain rate which is assessed by the flammability tester and depicted on the microprocessor-based display.

Once the specimen is burnt completely and the flame reaches the sensory jaws the burner automatically shuts down which enables the manufacturer to assure hazard-free testing with ease.

The horizontal specimen positioning also enables the operator to assess the thermal stability of even the bigger samples which may size up to 450mm with the help of a variable jaw.

There are certain features that are provided within the lab testing instrument that ensure maximum accuracy and precise testing consistently.

Features of Flammability Tester

The flammability tester is designed as a top-notch lab testing instrument that is enriched with features to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and promotes single-handed testing with absolute facile.

The instrument is equipped with sensory jaws that ensure an automatic burner shuts down once the specimen is fully burned to safeguard the operator from any hazardous incident.

The vertical flammability tester also provides an adjustable flow control valve that controls the LPG flow and thus ensures the provision of adjustable flame through the burner to the specimen as per the compliance of the standards.

The rugged surface of the jaw, designed for the positioning of the sample ensures firm clamping of the specimen with an enhanced clamping option of the tightening knob.

The vertical flammability tester & the horizontal flammability tester assess the sample’s thermal stability at two different angles and also allow the manufacturer to measure the burning rate of even larger samples up to 450mm.

The microprocessor-based display on the outside of the lab testing instrument is attached to indicate the timer at which the specimen is burning. This allows the operator to keep track of records and critically analyze & compare the achieved results.   

Crafted from stainless steel, the instrument is designed to bolster durability and eliminate the risk of rusting and corrosion over an extended lifespan. To ensure optimal accuracy and efficiency of this meticulously engineered lab testing equipment, operators should adhere to specific maintenance guidelines.

Maintenance Tips for the Flammability Tester

The flammability tester is an accuracy-driven lab testing instrument that conducts flammability test with absolute precision. However, to maximize the accuracy there are certain factors that an operator must undertake.

·      It is important to make sure that the burner is turned off when not in use to avoid fire-related hazards and jeopardies due to LPG leakage.

·      During the conduction of the flammability test it is important to open the glass door partially and not fully.

·      Make sure to cover the burner with the lid provided along with the instrument after burning the fire.

·      Place the ash container correctly during the flammability test for the collection of ash from the burning specimen.

·      It is vital to use a lighter instead of a matchbox to minimize the risk of fire hazards

Undertaking these maintenance tips will help maximize the efficiency of the instrument and will aid the operator in performing consistent testing.

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