Difference Between Bursting Factor & Bursting Strength

Difference Between Bursting Factor & Bursting Strength

Corrugated Boxes – Best Packaging Material

The products that a consumer purchase from  the market right from grocery to textile materials, consumer goods to industrial goods, all are packed safely in  the packets, containers, and corrugated boxes to deliver them safely to the end customers. Therefore the products are packed with highly durable and sturdy material that can withstand various types of pressures, temperature variations, compression forces, and various transportation inconsistencies to reach their final destination safely and securely without any kind of damage. Hence, the quality of the packaging materials plays a vital role in the global market. Corrugated boxes are one the majorly used packaging material that is preferred by almost all manufacturers to pack their products safely.

Various Properties of Corrugated Boxes

There are various properties that help to measure the strength and quality of the corrugated boxes that are used to pack various goods. Bursting factor, compressibility, hardness, tearing resistance, drop strength and other properties helps a manufacturer to evaluate the strength of the packaging boxes. Out of the mentioned properties, bursting factor and bursting strength is the best properties that are used to determine the strength of the corrugated boxes.

Difference between Bursting Strength and Bursting Factor

The Bursting Factor of the papers can be calculated by dividing the bursting strength by the weight of the specimen and is expressed in grams/sq. meter. Bursting factor is calculated to determine the amount of pressure that a paper or cardboard can tolerate easily before it collapses. The bursting factor of a paper changes with the change in the weight of the paper. On the other hand, bursting strength is measured by providing maximum hydrostatic pressure to rupture the paper used to produce corrugated boxes. The bursting strength of corrugated box can be calculated efficiently with the help of testing equipment “Bursting Strength Tester”.

How to calculate the Bursting Strength with Bursting Strength Tester?

Bursting Strength Tester is used in all paper and packaging industries to measure the strength of the boxes. To perform the test, the test specimen is placed between the two jaws of the instrument and uniform pressure is created throughout the material with the help of rubber diaphragm until the specimen burst. The structure of the paper, quality of fiber, use of fillers, the proportion of fiber, etc. also explains the strength of the paper.  Hence, Bursting Strength Test is the best way to measure the bursting strength of the corrugated boxes. The measurement of the bursting strength of the boxes is usually mentioned on the boxes to provide consumers information regarding the capacity and strength of the corrugated boxes.