Bursting Factor – Important for Papers Quality Analysis

Bursting Factor – Important for Papers Quality Analysis

Right from the Consumer products to groceries, industrial products to the textile material, every product required safe, secure and sealed packaging to transport and shipped the products safely from one place to another. The packaging is required to maintain the durability and safety of the materials so that the materials can withstand different conditions such as variations in temperature, transportation inconsistencies and pressures until the product reaches the doorstep safely. The high-quality of packaging materials leaves a great impact in grabbing more customer attraction in the global market. Nowadays paperboards and corrugated boxes are considered as the common and trusted mode of packaging to maintain the quality of the products until it reaches its destination.

Numerous factors that can be used to measure the quality and strength of the corrugated boxes are compressibility, hardness, bursting factor, crushing strength, tearing resistance and many more. All the factors are used to measure the endurance and strength of the packaging boxes.

Among the mentioned factors, Bursting Factor is the major things which need to be determined to ascertain the bursting strength and quality of the papers and corrugated boxes.

Bursting Factor – Bursting factor of a material can be calculated by determining the bursting strength of the papers and related materials. The bursting strength of a paper material explains the amount of pressure that a material can tolerate before it ruptures. The bursting strength of the paper changes with the change in the weight of the paper. The BS of paper can be measured by applying the maximum amount of hydrostatic pressure on the material which is required to burst the paper. This value is utilized by the manufacturers during the manufacturing of the corrugated boxes. The measurement of bursting strength of the material is then printed on the boxes that give an idea regarding the strength of the corrugated boxes so that appropriate amount of material can be filled in the boxes.

Why is Bursting Factor measured?

The structure of the corrugated boxes or papers is used to determine their strength. The quality of fiber, its proportion, types, manufacturing methods, use of additives and fillers determines the bursting strength of paper. In the case of the corrugated boxes, the fluted paper, corrugated boxes enhance the durability of the materials. Moreover, to provide the cushioning effect, the corrugated paper enhances the strength of the boxes.

What bursting factor speaks regarding the handling of goods? 

When the goods and products are packed, they are handled for different purposes such as for warehousing, shipping, moving or for transporting from one place to another. Some violent movements during these types of handling can directly affect the quality of the products. And in the handling of some delicate products such as electrical appliances, LEDs, etc. ensuring the safety of the product is a major. To ensure the same, bursting strength of the material is determined. The better quality of packaging materials can ensure the safety of the products during handling efficiently and effectively.

Why is Bursting factor important to determine?


Determining the bursting factor of the corrugated boxes, the manufacturers can easily determine the durability of the corrugated boxes in external and internal impact conditions. It also helps the manufacturers to measure the extent to which the box can protect the products that are packed inside. By performing the bursting test on boxes, it becomes easy for the manufacturers to choose the right box for packaging that can easily protect the quality of the products that are packed inside.

Importance of determining bursting factor in packaging

If you need to transport some fragile products from one location to another that can be broken down easily, then you need the boxes with higher strength with the high bursting factor. Determining GSM of the paper offers best bursting factor to the boxes as they are directly proportional to each other. Higher the GSM of the material, higher will be the bursting factor. For example, if the weight of the paper is 100GSM then bursting factor will be 14 and of GSM is 180 then BF will be 16 and so on.

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