Best Bursting Strength Tester Manufacturers in North India

Best Bursting Strength Tester Manufacturers in North India

Good, attractive, and sturdy packaging is important to protect a product from damage during transportation, delivery, or storage. The primary and secondary packaging of the product should be hard/stiff enough to bear the handling conditions. This ensures that the product doesn’t get damaged and that it reaches the destination in good condition.

A Bursting Strength Tester is an instrument used to ensure that the packaging doesn’t burst or get damaged during transit and handling.

Bursting Strength Tester

Presto Testing Instruments is the best and most reliable bursting strength tester manufacturer in Delhi, Noida, Agra, Ajmer, Aligarh, and the rest of North India.

It is important for manufacturers to realize the importance of good, sturdy packaging. A reliable, highly accurate testing equipment to test the burst strength of packaging materials is the Presto Bursting Strength Tester. This equipment can help manufacturers to ensure that their products are safely delivered to the end users, without any tear or damage.

What is Bursting Strength?

Bursting strength of a substance is the pressure at which a film or sheet of plastic or paper will burst. This parameter is a precise measure of the maximum pressure applied on the paper at a right angle to the surface. The pressure on the film/sheet is applied using a bulging circular elastic diaphragm.

The bursting strength of the substance depends on the scalability of the material and its tensile strength. It is expressed in pound per square inch (psi). It is used to measure the resistance to breaking or damage.

Why should you Measure Bursting Strength?

Bursting strength should be measured because it allows the manufacturer to analyze the strength of the package. If the sample under test is able to endure the pressure applied by a Bursting Strength Tester it means that it will not get damaged in transit. The quality of corrugated material can be evaluated and graded based on its bursting strength.

Presto Bursting Strength Testing Machine

Testing Instrument manufacturers in NOIDA, Presto offers the best bursting strength tester in North India. Presto Bursting Strength Tester applies hydraulic pressure through a rubber diaphragm on a circular area of the sample of the corrugated board under test. A digital indicator is used to measure the force needed to burst the board. It ranges from 0 to 40 kg/ square cm.

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