Why is Bursting Factor Important in Packaging Industry?

Why is Bursting Factor Important in Packaging Industry?

In packaging industry, there is a wide range of factors which evaluates the strength & quality of packaging material such as hardness, compressibility, bursting factor, tearing resistance, etc.

Out of which bursting factor has drawn a major attention towards itself in recent times. As per the rising demand of customers from packaging manufacturers, it is important to ensure high bursting factor for the packaging material used.

Importance of bursting factor in Packaging Industry


The bursting factor allows the manufacturer to evaluate the longevity of the corrugated boxes in extreme external and internal environment. It calculates the limit up to which the corrugated boxes can bear the external load and keep the products inside safe.

Weak packaging can damage customer’s product and your reputation both. Almost all top companies require high-quality packaging material for their goods and demand a standardized proof for the same.

Hence, opting the perfect corrugated box is really important. Therefore, bursting factor test is important in choosing the right box.

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How to calculate Bursting Factor to ensure high quality?

The bursting factor of your material can determine the amount of pressure a corrugated box or paper can tolerate to a limit where it ruptures. Bursting Factor is calculated by applying the hydrostatic pressure on the sample in order to rupture the material.

The formula used to calculate the Bursting Factor is as follows:

Bursting factor = Bursting strength ÷ Basic weight (grams per square meter)

To ensure highly accurate testing results, it is important to choose the right testing instrument also. Presto brings you Bursting Strength Tester – Digital Model

Few Key features:


• Easy to operate, highly advance digitalized model with feather touch control
• Generates accurate, consistent, repeatable and reliable data
• Equipped with Peak & TARE facility
• Calibration facility is available
• Single Push Button Operation
• Microprocessor based display for accurate test
• Memory to hold up to 9 tests
• Highly accurate test results under multidirectional force
• Strong gripping clamps
• Grooved structure of test specimen holder to avoid slippage and intact holding of specimen under test
• No slippage in case specimen is tightened uniformly using operating wheel

Higher the bursting factor, better will be your packaging material, and higher will be your market reputation.