Bursting Factor of Corrugated Boxes

Bursting Factor of Corrugated Boxes?

Bursting factor of corrugated boxes can be evaluated using Paper & Packaging Testing Instrumentshowever the right kind of instrument can make all the change. There are many properties of a corrugated box, such as the bursting strength, the moisture resistance, the Cobb value and many more and every property needs its specified test instrument to measure the property. Same here, that bursting factor also require its specified test instrument.

Bursting Strength Tester – Digital Model is a renowned testing equipment in the packaging industry especially among corrugated box manufacturers. It is used for measuring the Bursting factor of corrugated boxes along with its bursting index, burst value, and its bursting strength. Suitable for material like paper boards, paper, uneven boards, plastic films and fiber boards. The machine has been designed as per various international standards including ASTM D 3786-01, ASTM D 3786 – 80A, and ISO 1060 PART-1 1987.


The equipment has a single push button operation which allow the user to get rid of complicated settings and initiate testing with just a push. Highly integrated microprocessor-based system installed for accuracy in digital conversion of test forces into numerical values. Bursting Strength Tester also offers peak and tare hold facility while testing. The peak hold feature helps in recording maximum test value in the equipment memory. The machine has an extensive memory space and can hold up to 9 test readings. User can later take the test records for other purpose. With application of multidirectional force, highly accurate results can be a promise. Often equipments deliver one or dual direction force while bursting test, however, only a uniform force application from all direction can guarantee precision in test results. The specimen holding clamps are designed specifically to deliver top-level clamping in the test process. The base clamp has grooved design to assure zero slippage of the specimen sheet, and adjusting knobs for setting the specimen firmly.

Bursting Strength Tester is digitally operated and has a wide area digital display screen. The display is equipped with LED light source to assure clear vision anywhere anytime. Operation buttons with feather like touch effect is available for user comfort. Device can be calibrated prior starting any test cycle and the calibration can be locked by using the calibration lock feature.

Using the equipment one can easily evaluate the Bursting factor of corrugated boxes without any hassle and promise accuracy in test results. You may read more and understand Significance of Measuring Bursting Strength of Corrugated Boxes