Determine Adhesive Strength of Tapes Using Right Technique

Determine Adhesive Strength of Tapes Using Right Technique

Determine Adhesive Strength of Tapes Using Right Technique

Testing needs standards that provide reproducible methods to compare and assure quality. Peel adhesion test method compares the performance of pressure sensitive tape to a specific requirement to identify if the measured bond strength is acceptable or not. The values are used to compare values for a single roll of tape or between rolls or lots. It is important for the user to notice what type of tape is being tested along with the adhesion value they are looking for. Peel bond Strength Tester is one of the reliable tools to measure the permanence of adhesion or peel ability of self-adhesive pressure sensitive materials.

Peel resistance of adhesives (T peel test) determines the relative peel resistance of adhesive bonds between flexible substrates using a T-type sample. The sample is clamped into a testing instrument with the bent, un-bonded extremes are clamped in the grips. Then the sample is pulled apart. The peak and average peel forces are recorded.

Various improved technique is used to test the adhesion of thin films to their substrate. In one of the technique, a test strip is taken in which several regions with adhesives are detected at which the adhesion fails and then it can be correlated to the adhesive strength.

Peeling force characterises adhesion of materials. It is the force required to remove the adhesive film from a substrateThe thickness and width of the adhesive layer influence on peeling strength. Increase of the adhesive layer’s thickness increases the energy required for peeling.  So, the peeling strength increases as the adhesive layer’s thickness or width increases. Besides all these, temperature, humidity, peeling geometry are other factors that affect the peeling strengthPeel Strength Tester is used to perform this test. The value measured by the device identifies the suitability of the adhesion for the application.


In Bond Strength Tester, the substrates are set on the fixtures of the machine. A movable lead screw applies an outward force until the sample gets separated completely. The force applied to detach the bonding can be seen on the screen.


Importance of peel adhesion are:

  • For temporary application, the peel adhesion maintains a minimum balance between maintaining proper adhesion which allows ease of removal.
  • Many masking tapes are good that offer adequate peel adhesion at the time of application and can be removed cleanly from the substrate after usage.
  • For permanent bonding application, it is important to maximise resistance to peel force should be the main focus.