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Performing Rolling Tack Test on Adhesive Tapes

The adhesive tape is highly demanded and used in several industries for sealing and packaging purpose. They are the ultimate source of sticking light weighted material to each other. The higher the demand for the tapes is there in the market, so is the scope for improvement. The customers are demanding more durable and long-run performance from the adhesives so that the related packaging experience can also be improved. The adhesive manufacturer may think to add new types of chemicals or may add some new innovative techniques in their manufacturing but what it needs to improve the adhesive properties of tapes is a highly précised quality test. How the object can be improved without knowing the scope of improvements.

Producers must first examine the quality of the material and see how much adhesiveness is there in a particular tape length. The only one can decide the techniques to apply for improving the quality and reducing the flaws. Rolling Ball Tack Tester is a renowned test equipment which is useful in performing Rolling Tack Test on Adhesive Tapes and testing the adhesive property of a tape. Simple and effective. The equipment is utilized in the adhesive tape manufacturing sector for estimating the primary adhesion property of tapes. It works on the method where the rolling ball comes in to contact with a tape, the tapes resistant strength to the rolling load is checked. It is seen that at which point the tape can stop the rolling material by catching it using the adhesive bonds.


The test equipment can be used for testing several types of adhesive objects which includes pressure-sensitive tapes, adhesive labels, medical patches, and protective films. All such type of adhesive tapes is checked for its adhesion strength. The test equipment’s functioning is completely based on a famous testing method which is – rolling ball test method. This method is used for rapid testing of adhesive qualities of the material. The steel ball which is used in the machine for conducting the rolling task is constructed as per the test standards as a disturbance in the weight and shape of the ball can interfere in the accuracy of the test results.

The angle of inclination kept on the test equipment is also designed as per the test standards and meets the customer requirement for conducting Rolling Tack Test on Adhesive Tapes. There is spring lever technology used which is used to release the ball which ensures zero interference of humans, therefore keeping the accuracy of the test.

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