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An Effective Strain Measurement With Pet Preform Strain Viewer

PET bottles are a reliable source for packaging the various categories of products. The PET bottles are the recommended for packaging the different types of products due to its safety and reliability features. Since the PET bottles are used in a significant amount, the manufacturers must provide the best quality product to their clients. The quality of PET preforms must be good without any kind of faults, defects etc. Major issues found in the PET preforms is the formation of bubbles that is the main reason of low quality of the product. Polariscope strain viewer, is one of the best testing equipment to determine the air bubbles in preforms.

The High-Quality Strain Viewer

Presto manufactures and designs the high-quality testing instruments in Bahrain for effective measurement of strain in the quality of Preforms. Defects in the quality of preform can be easily detected when the polarized light reflects on the sample. The operating principal of Polariscope strain viewer is that it measures the slight difference in the material distribution with the little variation in the refractive index of the Preform. The device is designed with modern technology and improvements to offer high-performance, good quality, and long-lasting results.

Presto manufactures the Strain Viewer for Bahrainassuring the quality of PET Preforms. The polarized light is used to determine the quality defects and faults in Preforms such as strain-induced crystallization, non-uniform strain distribution, etc. Call our experts for additional information on the testing instruments in Bahrain.

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