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Inspect The Strains In Preforms With Polariscope Strain Viewer

PET bottles are used to pack different types of products. These products include the medicines, alcoholic drinks, beverages, sports drinks and many more. The quality of these products is of great importance for the users as they are directly associated with the well-being and health of the users. It is the responsibility of the producers of these products that they offer highly efficient and best quality products to the customers. The packaging of the products has a great impact on the quality of the products. The PET clear bottles are used for the packaging directly consumable products that need extra safety and hygienic environment so that it does not come in direct contact with the environment. The quality of the PET bottles is essential to ensure the quality of the products.

How does Polarized Light help to Find the Defects in PET Bottles?

The producers of PET products faces major problem at the time of manufacturing of these bottles that how to detect the defects in PET bottles under polarized lights? The best solution to solve this issue is to use only the best quality of Preform for blow molding. In this manner, not only the best quality of the product is ensured but also it saves a lot of resources, time, and money for the manufacturers. The primary way to test the quality of the Preform is Strain Inspection. It is the best technique to find the flaws in the Preforms. This process can be commenced with the help of polariscope strain viewer. The device is used to measure the defects such as non- uniform strains in Preforms quality, crystallization and many more and ensures that only the defect free Preforms are used to prepare the PET bottles.

Presto offers Premium quality of Polariscope Strain Viewer for strain inspection of Preforms. The instrument is used to measure the quality of the Preforms. Visit for more information on Polariscope.

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