Test The Percent Of Strains In The Glasses With Glass Strain Viewer

Test The Percent Of Strains In The Glasses With Glass Strain Viewer

Glass products are used in numerous fields to produce different domestic as well as industrial goods. The quality of the glass products is an important aspect that must be kept in mind during the usage of the glass products. The glass blowers are used in different industries to perform the process of heating, blowing, and cooling which eventually created stress in the glass products. This stress is sometimes considered as the strain in the glasses.

Reasons of Defect in Glasses

The creation of the stress or strain in the glass products during the manufacturing process is considered as a major quality flaw. It can lower down the strength of the products as well leads the glasses to failure. Many defects are generated on the surface of the glasses due to strain induction or stress such as lower transparency, different refractive index crystallization defect and many more. The manufacturers test the quality of the glassed with the proper testing machines so that they could find the strains in the glasses and reject the defective pieces for reprocessing.

Glass Strain Viewer – Best to Analyze the Defects in Glasses

The Glass Strain Viewer is the best testing machine which must be used in glass manufacturing industries to detect the stress or strain distribution in the glass materials and related products. The testing machine is highly effective that easily detects numerous types of defects in the materials when judged under the polarized light. The testing machine offers two polarizers that helps to view the samples from two orientations that is 45 degree and 90 degree that helps to identify the pattern of strains in the samples from different orientations. It is the best testing machine that helps to assure the quality of the glass products that are manufactured in glass industries.

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