View The Strains In Pet Bottles Using Polarized Light Strain Viewer

View The Strains In Pet Bottles Using Polarized Light Strain Viewer

To pack different products such as alcohol, medicines, carbonated drinks, beverages and drinks, PET bottles and containers are the most accurate and reliable medium of packaging. The quality of the PET products is of great importance because it is directly related to the well-being of the human beings. Hence, it is important to maintain the quality of the PET products. This can be done by using the best quality of testing devices to test various properties of the PET products. Presto Stantest manufactures Polarized Light Strain Viewer to test the problems related to the strain issues in the PET bottles. To know more about the products, contact our experts.

Test the Quality of PET Products for Safety of Products

The testing device Polarized Light Strain Viewer is the highly advanced and efficient testing device which is designed to the polarized light to find out the defects in PET & Preforms. The problem of crystallization, uneven strain, and many more can be detected to measure the use of only high-quality of preforms.

The defects in the samples of PET bottle can be detected easily by analyzing the specimen under polarized light. Natural light is used to test the transparency, color, appearance, whereas the polarized light is after analyzing the products under natural light to measure the property of material distribution, strains in the PET bottles. Polarized light helps to identify the defects or flaws such as inadequate transparency and uneven strain distribution.

Presto Stantest offers premium quality of Polarized Light Strain Viewer to measure the quality of the PET products under polarized light. The testing machine offers highly accurate test result. To check the technical specifications and features of the product, visit: