Measurement of wall thickness of pet bottles for better quality

Accurate Measurement Of Wall Thickness Of Pet Bottles For Better Quality Assurance

Wall thickness is an important aspect of a product that affects their efficiency, strength, and quality. By measuring the wall thickness of a product, the manufacturers can easily determine the level of quality and strength of the products that are delivered to the clients. In addition to that, the wall thickness measurement also helps in evaluating the efficiency of the manufacturing processes as well. The Magnamike 8600 wall thickness gauge is one of the most efficient and accurate options for measuring the thickness of walls of unconventional products where normal measuring instrument do not work.

The instrument works on the principle of Halls effect and is used for measuring the thickness of different non-ferrous materials such as aluminum, copper, etc. The instrument is also widely used in the field of PET bottles for measuring the thickness of the bottles.

Highlights of Magnamike 8600 Wall Thickness Gauge

  1. The instrument is Very Light Weight and is easily portable. This allows the users to use the instrument effectively.
  2. The instrument has a digital display of VGA resolution of 640 X 480 pixels.
  3. The instrument can be operated in several different languages including German, French, English, Chinese,

Technical specifications of MagnaMike 8600 Wall Thickness Gauge

  1. The capture rate of the instrument is 60 Hz.
  2. The update rate of the digital display is 4 Hz, 8 Hz, 16 Hz, and 20 Hz.
  3. The instrument has two different angled probes that are a standard straight probe and a right angles probe.

Use of Magnamike 8600 Wall Thickness Gauge in PET industries

The instrument is widely used in the PET industries for the measuring the thickness of the walls of bottles to evaluate the efficiency of the blow molding process as well as ensuring the strength and quality of PET bottles.