Needed for every industry for better product quality

A quality testing tool is needed for every industry for better product quality

Edge Crush  Tester

Quality is something that is required in every aspect of the industrial world. Be it the manufacturing materials, products or manufacturing process, there is a need for quality testing in every department of an industry. Customers today demand the best quality products hence it has become essential for all the industries to adopt the best practices of manufacturing as well as product testing.

At presto, we are dedicated to provide the best solutions for quality testing to a wide array of industries. The industries we serve include textiles, rubber, plastics, PET, Preform, electrical, biomedical, and so forth. The instruments offered by presto are designed and manufactured using state of the art manufacturing process. All our instruments are manufactured in strict compliances with all the national and international standards.


Although, because of automation of manufacturing processes, there is a very low possibility of defects or errors in the products but still there is some minor room for some defects. If the quality testing is not carried out properly and regularly, it is almost impossible to provide zero defect products to the customers. It does not matter which industry you belong to, you need the quality testing instrument for yourself. Be it a food processing company, a textile processing unit, a garment export house or a rubber manufacturing industry, the only way to provide best quality products is to use high precision quality testing instrument for testing of products.

When you trust presto for your quality testing, our dedicated engineers and scientists provide you the best possible solution so that you can easily and accurately test your materials and products and build a bond of trust with your customers with best quality products.