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Perform Flat Crush Test of Paperboard Material

Ridged fibreboard is a light-weight sandwich structure with two linerboard facings attached to a fluted folding medium. The level squash test for folded fibreboard is a pressure test with the compressive stacking ordinary to the linerboards. The test is every now and again kept running in the folded fibreboard industry as a proportion of the quality with which woodwinds are framed.

Flat Crush tests (FCT) are performed by DIN EN ISO 3035 or TAPPI T 825. In the level smash test, a solitary woodwind creased cardboard example is stacked opposite to its surface. The obstruction this ridged board presents to the power gives a sign of its conduct amid preparing and being used. It is vital that constrain application to the example is actually opposite amid these tests. Level squash test is intended to quantify the opposition of folded paperboard to woodwind pounding. This is an extremely helpful estimation while deciding the measure of weight connected amid the printing procedure for layered boxes, for instance. The test pursues indistinguishable essential method from the edge squash test portrayed above aside from that the example is an alternate size and introduction. It is directed utilizing a Flat crush tester.


It is a perfect hardware broadly utilized in bundling, paper making, quality review and some more. It is a valuable instrument for deciding the pressure quality of strong fiber boxes and layered boxes by testing the paper or board utilized in making such boxes. It is a vital system pursued to discover the solidness of CFB on edgewise. Higher the edge squash estimation of the test example higher will be the quality of side of the case. The gear is an inflexible pressure analyzer structured extraordinarily to perform ASTM and TAPPI material tests on creased board.

The lab testing instrument can be effectively utilized as ring smash analyzer and level squash analyzer as well according to the principles. The lab gear is planned in table best style with client – well-disposed highlights. The ECT esteem relies upon the glue holding. The higher edge pound esteem speaks to the firmness of the folded box. Subsequently, the instrument is utilized to look at the nature of the folded box.

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