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Conduct Vibration Test on Packaging Box for Quality Control

Corrugated Packaging boxes are utilized as a primary choice for wide variety of products.  They are considered to be safe and strong. They exhibit enough resistant against compression forces, jerks etc. But to ensure completely that the packaging container is safe to use and will deliver high amount of protection, one must conduct quality control tests. To test the quality of the box specimen and its resistance strength against road jerks, the use must conduct vibration testing using a precise and standardized Vibration TableThe purpose of conducting vibration test is ascertaining the road worthiness of the packages. It helps the operators to check if a particular carton box will ensure the safety of the products kept inside after going through a specified amount of vibrations or not.

For instance, if a specimen is estimated to be experiencing about 40 rounds of vibration during its transit and the manufacturer thinks that it should survive up to 60 rounds of vibration. The box can be checked and seen that if it fulfil the requirement or not.

The equipment is equipped with a railing all around the test area, so that the specimen should not get slipped away while testing. It is very common for boxes to fall of the testing area while the test is running. This is because, the jerks occurring during the test makes it move around the corners and slip away. This not only disturbs the test cycle but can also damage the specimen itself. The frequency required to generate the jerks can be adjusted easily as per the industry requirement. For instance, products like glassware may be transported using vehicles which takes additional care and are not delivering jerks. In that case, the specimen is to be checked using low frequency of the test machine.

The time duration taken by the entire test cycle or the round of vibrations before the possible failure point occurs in a package is recorded accurately and precisely. The operational buttons are smooth and soft to touch. Special feather touch buttons are easy to use and reduce user complexities. The machine is considered to generate the exact real life jolts and jerks faced on the road. The design and function of the machine complies with ASTM D999, TAPPI T-17, and IS 7028(part II) international testing standards. The base plate installed and acts as the testing area is strong and rugged in built so that it can carry any size of the container.

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