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Scuff Resistance Tester in Thailand

PSR - 292

The printing materials that are manufactured in packaging manufacturing units bear a lot of rubbing and scuffing during the storage and transportation process. This destructs or damages the printing quality of the packaging materials easily. Hence, the manufacturers of packaging material need to test the scuff resistance strength to ensure the quality of the products. The Scuff Resistance Tester in Thailand is used in packaging industries to assure the quality of the packaging materials that are delivered to the customers.

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Presto Stantest manufacture and supplies high-quality of Scuff Resistance Tester in Thailand. The device is used to test the scuffing resistance strength of the materials such as corrugated boxes, printed labels, and papers, etc. The machine is designed with numerous features such as a digital timer, an automatic buzzer that enhances the efficiency and functionality of the device many more times. The instrument is designed in strict compliance with all national and international standard test methods. The machine is supplied to the customers with calibration certificate and user manual that helps the user to operate the device easily by following the standard operating procedure.

    • Best device to evaluate the scuff resistance strength of test samples of two different sizes such as 2 inches and 4.5 inches.
    • The machine is supplied with two different dead weights i.e. 1 psi + 1 psi to apply force to the sample.
    • Digital preset timer helps to test the number of cycles.
    • The instrument is plated with bright chrome plating that ensures rust proof finish.
    • It can be operated on the power supply of single-phase 220V AC, 50 Hz.

    • Best device to test the scuffing strength of various materials such as cardboards, printed labels, corrugated fiber sheets, and papers
    • The machine is designed appropriately with advanced features for simple and easy operation.
    • The machine has an automatic buzzer control that triggers automatically on the completion of the testing
    • It is the best testing instrument to test the effect of harsh working conditions on packaging materials.

    Areas of Application 

    • To measure the scuff resistance of printed Labels.
    • To test the quality of ink on printed labels and packaging products.

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