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Dart Impact Tester in Thailand


Presto offers Dart Impact Tester in Thailand to measure the quality and strength of the plastic films when they are subjected to free falling dart. The plastic film has to bear a lot of forces and pressure during the transportation and storage. In order to keep the products safe, it is must to ensure the thickness and quality of the films so that they can easily bear various external forces. The instrument helps to calculate the amount of force that a plastic film can bear before it falls.

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Presto Stantest manufactures premium quality of Dart Impact Tester in Thailand. It is considered as the best testing device in packaging industries to test the quality and strength of the plastic films. The testing machine is used to calculate the minimum amount of force that a plastic film can bear when it is subjected to free-falling dart. There are two different types of darts that are used to perform the test with various weights of darts. The testing machine is duly fitted with a strong electromagnetic dart holder that permits the user to perform uninterrupted falling of dart. The testing device is designed as per international test standards and supplied with calibration certificate and user manual for the convenience of the customers.

    • The sample fixture has two clamping units with inside diameter 127mm.
    • The width of the sample needs to be 240mm.
    • The device is provided with an electromagnetic mechanism that helps to hold & release the dart
    • Two darts with diameter 30mm and 50mm are used to perform two different tests i.e. Test A and Test B respectively.
    • The maximum height of the dart that can be set is 1524mm.
    • A number of dart falls can be counted easily by the digital timer.
    • The testing machine works on single phase 220 volts AC.
    • Overall dimension is 50cm x 35cm x 215cm.
    • Its actual weight is 38 kg and becomes 68 kg after packaging.
    • A vacuum pump as an optional accessory on request.

    • Fabricated on the metal base plate.
    • The electromagnetic system is provided to hold and release the dart automatically.
    • The dart can be released with single push button.
    • Different weight and height of darts can be set to perform the test.
    • It is painted with blue and grey color paint and plated with chrome/zinc plating to prevent the corrosion.

    Related Standards: IS 2508 – 1984 (R2003)

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