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Peel Strength Tester in Thailand


Adhesive materials such as printed labels, tapes, self-adhesive substrates are widely used in packaging industries and are majorly responsible for providing best strength to the packaging products. Therefore, to ensure the superiority of the packaging products, it is the keen responsibility of the manufacturers to test the adhesion strength of the materials. Peel Strength Tester in Thailand is the best and ideal solution which is used by the packaging manufacturers to ensure the quality and strength of these self-adhesive materials. The device is easy to operate and offers highly accurate test results. The testing machine is designed in conformance with all various national and international standard test methods such as ASTM D 429-14 and ASTMD1876 – 08(2015) which makes the device compatible as per international standard as well.

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Presto is a renowned and customers trusted manufacturer and supplier of Peel Strength Tester in Thailand.  The instrument is used in different packaging industries to test the peel adhesion strength of the self-adhesive products that are used for packaging. The testing machine is assembled with numerous standardized and highly advanced features like limit switches, load cell programming, digital peak load indicator and many more. All the features make the working of the instrument smooth and simple. In addition to this, the testing machine store maximum 9 peak load values from previous test results. The results are then utilized in future for reference. The testing machine is supplied with user manual and calibration certificate.

    • The maximum load capacity of the instrument is 20 kg.
    • The jaws can be separated with the speed of 300mm/min.
    • The least count is 2gf.
    • The overall dimension of the machine is 60cm x 51cm x 124cm (L x W x H)
    • The device is designed keeping in mind certain standards namely ASTM D 429-14 and ASTM D1876 – 08(2015).
    • Net weight of the machine is 90kg, and it becomes 120kg after packaging.
    • The instrument is supplied with the thermal printer as an optional

    • It is the best testing instrument which is used to perform peel adhesion test at an angle of 180 degree. Peeling fixture for 90 degree is also available.
    • The accuracy of the device is ±2%.
    • The machine is designed to perform the bond test, and strength tests
    • The testing machine is provided with unique in-house calibration.
    • The digital peak load indicator gives an accurate result in digital format.

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