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Bottle Burst Tester in Thailand

PBBT - 0100

PET products like PET bottles are used to pack various solid and liquid products that are manufactured in different industries. These bottles are used to pack food products, aerated products, soft drinks, beverages, chemicals and many more. Most of the products that are packed in these PET bottles are in liquid form and at the time of bottling and filling exerted carbonated pressure inside the bottles that sometimes lead the bottles to collapse. To ensure the quality of the bottles, it is necessary to check the strength of the bottles that they can bear pressure for best safety of the products. Bu understanding this problem Presto Stantest offers high-quality of Bottle Burst Tester in Thailand. It is the best laboratory testing device which is used in PET & preform industries to test the bursting strength of the PET bottles. Using this testing instrument, the manufacturer can measure the maximum amount of carbonated pressure at which a bottle can burst. The testing machine is quite easy and simple to operate. The instrument is designed as per numerous national and international standard test methods.

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Presto Stantest offers highly effective Bottle Burst Tester in Thailand, which is used by the manufacturer of PET & Preform manufacturing industries to test various properties of PET Bottles that they manufacture in order to ensure the quality of the produced goods. To commence the test on the PET bottles, a specific amount of pressure is provided with the machine to test the bottles and helps to measure the strength of the bottles. Presto manufactures two types of Bottle Burst Tester i.e. Digital Model and Touch Screen Model.

    • It can be operated on the power supply of 110/220 volts.
    • It has inbuilt hydraulic power control system that controls the pressure during the test.
    • Auto Pressure fold feature is provided to maintain the pressure.
    • It has regulator assembly and air filter to control the pressure efficiently.
    • Outer Steel case is provided to ensure the safety of the operator.

    • It has 7 bar pressure connection that helps to operate the device.
    • It works with faster cycle time.
    • It displays pass/fail criteria for the test on the device.
    • It has in-house calibration system.
    • The auto sample holding feature is provided with the device.
    • The alarm automatically triggers on completion of the test procedure.


    Related Standard: ISO-2758

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