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Edge Crush Tester in Thailand

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Edge Crush Tester in Thailand is the most efficient and useful testing machine by Presto. The instrument is designed mainly for packaging industries to test the edge crush strength of the packaging products such as cartons, corrugated boxes, etc. Measuring the edge crush resistance property of the material is a major indicator of the quality & strength of the packaging boxes. The machine is capable enough to provide accurate test results and helps to ensure that best quality of packaging material is delivered to the clients. The testing machine can perform three types of tests namely, ring crush test, edge crush test and flat crush test. The machine is designed in compliance with national and international standard test methods that fulfill the testing requirements of international markets as well.

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Presto is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of Edge Crush Tester in Thailand. The device is widely used in packaging industries to measure the edge crush strength of the materials that are used in different industries for packaging purposes. The instrument is provided with digital peak load indicator that not only displays accurate result but can also store nine peak load values that are calculated from the previous tests. The machine is provided with certain features such overload protection, limit switches, and many more. The device is delivered to the customers along with certain documents such as user manual, conformance certificate, etc.

    • It offers the least count of 100gram-force with the accuracy ±1%.
    • The separation rate between the compression plates is 12.5±2.5mm/minute.
    • Power supply required to operate the machine is 220 Volts, 50 Hz AC.
    • The complete dimension of the machine is 60cm x 50cm x 125cm.
    • It is designed as per the standard IS 7036 – 2.

    • Clear and accurate LED display is provided to read the test results accurately.
    • It calculates the force applied to the sample using the S-type load cell.
    • The locking functionality of the device helps to prevent unauthorized changes to the settings of the peak load indicator.
    • The electromechanical loading mechanism allows loading sample on the machine easily.


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