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Bursting Strength Tester in Tanzania

PBS -203

A good packaging ensures safety and protection of the products packed inside. The online marketing trend increases the demand for corrugated boxes or other packaging boxes, and thus, the manufacturers and suppliers are using the best testing equipment to check the quality of the packing material. The bursting strength is a critical factor which is measured as an exact amount of force causes complete failure of the material when subjected to a bursting force. Presto offers the high quality of Bursting Strength Tester in Tanzania to evaluate the bursting strength of the packaging material with the high accuracy. The manufacturers of the packaging boxes have significant use of the testing tool for the safe packaging. Presto’s instrument complies with all the required quality standards and specifications issued by various standardization agencies.

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Presto’s Bursting Strength Tester in Tanzania is a very common and useful tool in the packaging industries. The equipment has significant use in quality testing of the packaging materials. The manual clamping mechanism allows the firm holding of the test specimen firmly. The accurate operation of the machine is improved with the other features such as digital peak load indicator, automatic buzzer, program lock, etc.

The testing device strictly adheres to all the standards that also fulfills the requirement for the international market. Presto supplied the device with a calibration certificate and a user guide for better understanding.

    • The wide pressure exerted by the machine is between 0 kg/cm2 -  40 kg/cm2.
    • The LED digital display for displaying the accurate
    • The least count of the device is 0.1 kg/cm2.
    • The upper clamp of 5 mm and lower clamp of 10 mm diameter are fitted with the tool.
    • The high-quality lab grade glycerin is present that moves at 95 cc per min.
    • A ¼ hp motor is available.
    • Efficient operation of worm reduction type
    • The tool requires ½ kilowatts power consumption.

    • The digital peak load indicator.
    • The instrument has a manual clamping fixture.
    • The Peak load indicator is capable of storing 9 values from the previous
    • The device is easy and secure.

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