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Bottle Burst Tester in Tanzania

PBBT - 0100

The PET bottles must have enough strength to bear the pressure of the soft drinks, food items, liquid, beverages, chemicals, etc. as these items exert a significant amount of pressure on the bottles. The low or inferior quality of the PET bottles can burst or damage during transportation due to the low quality of the material.  The sudden bursting is unsafe for the nearby personnel as well as can contaminate the food items nearby. The precise and high-quality Bottle Burst Tester in Tanzania is recommended for the PET manufacturers to measure the strength of the PET bottles. The tool helps to calculate the maximum amount of force that a bottle can bear prior to failure. It is the responsibility of the manufacturers and suppliers first to ensure the quality of the PET bottles so that the end users receive only the high-quality bottles.

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Presto is a renowned name for manufacturing the best quality Bottle Burst Tester in Tanzania to test the quality of the containers or bottles. The testing procedure is performed to obtain the accurate result; for this purpose, bottles are tested using the pressurized air instead of liquids. The instrument comprises of an automatic alarm, steel cage, auto pressure hold feature, etc., for providing an accurate result. All the standard guidelines are followed during the manufacturing of the machine to set in different quality standards. The instrument is supplied with a calibration certificate and an instruction user manual.

    • The tool requires a power supply of 220 volts 50 Hz single phase AC.
    • An advanced hydraulic pressure control system is used to control the pressure build.
    • A constant pressure inside the sample is maintained using an auto pressure hold feature.
    • Additional safety for the end users is provided with a secure steel cage around the area of placement of the specimen.

    • A standard air connection with a capacity of 7 bars allows proper operation of the machine.
    • The test cycle is fast.
    • A quick analysis of the pass/fail criteria is observed with digital display.
    • In-house
    • The auto-hold sample facility.
    • Automatic alarm triggers once test completes.




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