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Salt Fog and Spray Tester Chamber in Tanzania


Presto offers the Salt and Fog Spray Test Chamber in Tanzania for testing the corrosion resistance of the metallic coatings. The device is used to verify the efficiency of the coatings applied to the different metallic surface to protect from corrosion. The machine has extensive use in paint, automobiles, plating, metals, and many more. The instrument helps the manufacturer to assure the best quality of the various products before delivering to the end users.  The tool has advanced features that enable the operation easy with accurate result. Presto quality tests the instrument as per the national and international guidelines.

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Presto designs the Salt Fog and Spray Tester Chamber in Tanzania and contributing the manufacturers for accurate test analysis to check the corrosion resistance of the materials under extreme corrosive environments. The touch screen control panel in tool helps in the easy setting of the test parameters inside the chamber. The reinforced plastic is used for best protection against corrosion and longer life of chamber. A glass wool is positioned between the walls of the chamber that protects against shocks and prevents any heat loss from the chamber.

Presto supplies the instrument with an instruction guide and calibration certificate.

    • The temperature range of the device is from ambient to 600
    • The temperature tolerance is 10 C with a high accuracy of ±1%.
    • The touch screen panel provides efficient and controlled programming of the test parameters.
    • The device is provided with other standard accessories such as moisture filter, pressure gauge, air regulator, etc.
    • The material used for fabrication is high quality reinforced fiber plastic that ensures a longer life and corrosion resistance.

    • A calibrated jar outside the chamber for collecting the salt solution.
    • The touch screen control panel to set the test parameter.
    • The canopy hood of Plexiglas material is operated through a hydraulic

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