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TP- 110 – Precision Color Measurement Device in Nigeria


The color is a major constituent of the quality of any product. The manufacturers understand that the color has a significant impact on the quality of the products as they depict the quality of the ingredients used in the products. The colors also have an effect on the buying decision of the customers, and hence, the manufacturers ensure that their products have the best color quality. The TP 110 – Precision Color Measurement Device in Nigeria offered by Presto is a one of the most accurate testing instruments that can provide highly accurate testing data for the color quality management.

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Presto is a regular supplier of TP 110 – Precision Color Measurement Device for Nigeria that is widely used in a variety of industries for the purpose of quality color management. The instrument has dual locating feature and a double end face that assist the user in the easy color measurement of the test specimen. The device is also provided with a huge storage memory for storing standards and samples.

The instrument is in compliance with many different quality testing standards and it is provided with a user guide and conformance certificate.

    • The 8/d viewing geometry supplied with the instrument is best fro precise color measuring.
    • The diameter of the measuring aperture of the equipment is 4 mm.
    • The photoelectric diode sensor array complied with the machine is fabricated with the best quality silicone.
    • The instrument is assembled with the dual locating feature. These characteristics include the cross-locating and illuminating feature.
    • There are two different end faces provided with the machine that is larger end face that is stable and the smaller end face that is concave-convex.
    • The color space of the test space is calculated with the help of the expression CIEL*a*b*C*h* CIEL*a*b*CIEXYZ.
    • The instrument uses the formula △E*ab △L*a*b* △E*C*h*for calculation of the color difference.
    • The instrument utilizes D 65 light source for the purpose of illumination.
    • The maximum error permitted between two different devices should not be more than 0.80 ΔE*ab.
    • The instrument has a storage memory of more than 20000 samples and more than 100 standards.
    • The instrument can be used in two different languages that are English and Chinese.
    • The laboratory testing instrument has the following size: 205 mm × 67 mm × 80 mm.
    • The lamp life of the light source used in the instrument is 5 years.

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