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Edge crush tester in Nigeria

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The Edge crush tester in Nigeria provided by Presto is a highly advanced testing instrument that is used for testing the edge crush strength of different packaging materials such as corrugated boxes, cardboard sheets and so forth. The edge crush strength of any materials gives an idea about the maximum amount of force that it can bear without any failure. The Instrument delivered by Presto is highly efficient in providing the best testing analysis of the materials. The device is easy to operate and is designed to deliver highly accurate test results. In this way, the manufacturers can deliver the best quality of products to their clients. In addition to the edge crush test, the instrument is also used for performing the flat and ring crush test as well. The instrument complies with different testing standards such as ISO, IS, ASTM and so forth.

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Presto is a leading exporter and supplier of Edge Crush Tester for Nigeria that is used for testing the edge crush strength of different materials in packaging industries. The instrument is provided with a highly accurate peak load indicator which allows the user in easily reading the test results. The electromechanical loading mechanism of the device is best for fast and easy loading of the test sample. The device is also suitable for performing flat and ring crush test. The templates provided with the machine enable the users to prepare the test specimen with accurate dimensions as per the standards.

The instrument is supplied with a calibration certificate and a user manual.

    • The instrument can exert a maximum load of 10 kg on the test sample.
    • The least count of the testing apparatus is a 100-gram
    • The accuracy level of the instrument is very high up to ±1%.
    • The separation speed of the compression plates is 12.5 ± 2.5 mm per minutes.
    • The laboratory testing instrument requires a power supply of 220 volts and 50 Hz rating single phase AC.
    • The overall size of the appliance is 60 X 50 X 125 cm.
    • The laboratory testing equipment is in compliance with the quality testing standard IS-7036-2.

    • The LED digital display is best for reading the test results in a clear and precise manner.
    • The force exerted on the test sample is electronically calculated with the use of S-type Load cell.
    • The program lock feature is provided with the peak load indicator which helps in prevention of the changes in the setting of the indicator.
    • The electromechanical loading system is used for loading the specimen on the machine.


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