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Salt Fog and Spray Test Chamber in Nigeria


The Salt Fog and Spray Test Chamber in Nigeria is a very useful laboratory testing instrument that is offered by Presto Stantest and is used in different industries to test the effect of highly corrosive environments on the behavior and properties of a material. The instrument is used in many industries such as automobiles, paints, and coating to test the corrosion resistance of the coating applied to various products. The instrument helps the manufacturers in ensuring the best quality of the products to the clients. The instrument is loaded with advanced features that make the working of the machine accurate and efficient. The equipment is also in strict compliance with the international standards, and hence, it is easily accepted in the international industries too.

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Presto is renowned supplier and exporter of Salt fog and Spray Test Chamber for Nigeria that is regularly used in different industries for testing the corrosion resistance of the materials. The instrument is best for providing the accurate analysis of the quality of the materials such as paints and coatings. The touch screen control panel helps in easy and efficient monitoring and control of the test parameters during the test.  The reinforced fiber plastic used for fabrication of the test chamber gives it a longer life and protects the chamber from corrosion. The instrument is designed and fabricated with all the quality standards in focus. It is provided with an instruction manual and a conformance certificate.

    • A wide range of temperature varying from ambient to 600 C can be achieved using the instrument.
    • The tolerance of temperature of the machine is ±10
    • The instrument has an accuracy of ±1%.
    • The instrument has a touch screen panel that allows the users in effective control of the temperate of the machine.
    • There are standard accessories such as moisture filter, pressure gauge, air regulator, are provided with the instrument.
    • The test chamber of the device is fabricated with reinforced fiber plastic for a longer life.

    • The test chamber of the equipment has a double walled structure that offers better insulation of the machine.
    • A calibrated jar is placed outside the chamber that collects the salt solution.
    • The touch screen is utilized for easy control of the test parameters during the test procedure.
    • The canopy hood of the test chamber is made of plexiglass and is operated with an advanced hydraulic system.


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