Instruments for Woven sack & Raffia Tapes Testing

Woven sack & Raffia Tapes

Woven sack & Raffia Tapes Testing Instruments

Woven sacks are used for packaging of many products including food grains, clothing etc. The safety of the packaged products depends on the quality of the woven sacks used for packaging hence manufacturers of Woven Sack and Raffia Tapes require testing instruments, mainly to determine the quality of a product.

Presto offers a wide range of testing instruments such as puncture resistance test, humidity test chambers, magna mike 8600 thickness gauge and so forth to check various properties of raffia tapes and woven sacks that provide highly accurate data. Above mentioned models are essentially required in woven sack manufacturing industries to test the quality of their production. All the testing instruments offered by Presto are in compliance with all the international quality standards.