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Box Compression Tester for Kenya

PDBC - 600

The packaging materials have to bear a lot of compression during transportation and storage. In order to make sure that the packaging does not fail during the process of transportation, the manufacturers need to test the compressive strength of various packaging boxes such as cardboard box, corrugated box, etc. The Box Compression Tester for Kenya is an ideal testing instrument provided Presto and is used in the packaging industry for analysis of the compressive strength of the packaging boxes in the most accurate way.  The device is best for ensuring the high strength of the packaging boxes and ensures the best quality of packaging to the clients. The machine complies with all the required quality standards and is applicable for international markets too.

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Presto is an internationally known manufacturer and exporter of Box Compression Tester for Kenya that is mainly used in the packaging industry for the purpose of testing the strength of the boxes used for packaging. The machine is equipped with an extremely accurate digital display that gives an accurate readout of the test findings. Additionally, the machine is best for testing different sizes of the specimen as there are different sizes of platforms available with the machine for placement of the specimen. The machine has an in-house calibration facility.

There is a user guide and calibration certificate provided with the machine which can be traced to any of the laboratories that are accepted by NABL.

    • The instrument is available with different sizes of platforms for sample placement that are 450 X 450 mm, 600 X 600 mm, and 1000 X 1000 mm for testing of the different sized specimen.
    • A high compression force is used to test the compressive strength of the test specimen.
    • The equipment has a low power consumption of 1 Kilowatt.
    • The speed of the compression plate during testing is 10 ± 3 mm per minute whereas the speed of returning of compression plates to their home position is 50 mm per minutes.
    • The appliance requires a regulated power supply of single 220 volts 50 Hz AC.
    • The overall size of the instrument is 155 cm x 115 cm x 200 cm.
    • The net weight of the equipment is 38 kilograms and after packaging, it becomes 480 kilograms.

    • There is an option of load calculation three different units that are N, kg, and lbf.
    • The apparatus comes with a digital display that helps in the easy and accurate reading of the test results of the specimen.
    • The digital display depicts the force applied to the specimen, deflection experienced by the specimen and number of tests conducted.

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