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Dart Impact Tester for Kenya


The Dart Impact Tester for Kenya is a primary testing instrument supplied by Presto and is used widely in the packaging industries to test the strength of the plastic films that are used for packaging of different products. The instrument uses freely falling darts to check the resistance offered by the test specimen against failure. The device is designed to provide accurate test results with very simple operation. The machine is also in conformance with all international and national quality testing standards.

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Presto has been supplying high-quality Dart Impact Tester for Kenya, which is commonly used in the packaging industries for testing the quality and strength of the plastic films. The instrument provided by Presto is highly efficient in providing the most accurate testing results and comes with two different sizes of testing darts for commencing two different test methods. In addition to that, the machine is also equipped with a highly accurate digital counter to count the number of falls made by the darts. Additional dead weights are also provided to exert extra force on the test sample.

The device is supplied with a user guide and a conformance certificate that is traceable to any of the labs approved by NABL.

    • The machine is given with a two piece clamping unit which has an inner diameter of 127 mm.
    • The test sample that can be quickly and accurately tested by the instrument should have a minimum width 240 mm.
    • The machine is compiled with a high power electromagnetic mechanism to hold and release the dart for testing.
    • Two different sized darts that have diameters 38 mm and 50 mm that are utilized for commencing test Method A and Method B respectively.
    • The test heights from which the darts can fall are 660 mm and 1540 mm.
    • Different dead weights accompany the machine for exerting extra force on the test specimen. These weights are available in the following denominations: 5 gm, 15 gm, 30 gm, 40 gm, 60 gm, and 90 gm.
    • The machine comes with the dimensions as follows: 500 mm X 350 mm X 250 mm.
    • The net weight of the apparatus is 38 kilograms and gross weight after packaging is 68 kilograms.
    • The machine needs 220 volts 50 Hz power supply for operating.

    • There is a rigid base plate of heavy metal provided for sturdy performance of the machine.
    • There is a single push button operation for commencing the hold and release mechanism of dart through the electromagnetic
    • The test can be performed with different heights of fall of darts.

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