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Polariscope Strain Viewer for Kenya

PPS - 400

The PET products are widely used in different industries, mainly for the purpose of packaging of different products. The quality of these PET products is highly responsible for ensuring the safety of the products during transportation and storage. This is the reason that the PET manufacturers need to test every aspect of the PET bottles and other products. The quality of PET preforms used for blowing of final PET products also has a great influence on the quality of the products. The manufacturers need to ensure that the preforms are free from any sort of defect to ensure that the final products are of best quality. The Polariscope Stain Viewer for Kenya is an advanced device that is capable of detecting any sort of defects in a preform and ensures that only defect free preforms are used for blowing. The instrument is capable of finding defects such as Air Bubble, Flash marks, short shot, photoelasticity, irregular distribution of strain and so forth. The machine complies with the required standards too.

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Presto is an industry known supplier and manufacturer of Polariscope Strain Viewer for Kenya that is extensively used in PET and preform industries to test the quality of the PET preforms. The machine uses two different light sources that are white light and monochromatic light to detect the defects in a preform. It is capable of testing a variety of defect in preforms which helps manufacturers in saving a lot of money time and resources by discarding defective preforms.

The machine also comes with an optional preform defect chart that is used for comparing the defects found in the preform during testing. The machine is given to the clients with a user guide and a conformance certificate.

    • There is a preform defect chart available as an optional accessory on client’s request.
    • The instrument is assembled with a field size that is given by 260 X 260 mm that assists in the proper viewing of the test specimen and easy placement on the device.
    • The overall size of the apparatus is 445 X 280 mm.
    • The power requirements of the equipment for operation are AC power supply of 220-240 volts single phase.
    • The total weight of the equipment is 20 Kg.

    • The apparatus is extremely simple to operate.
    • There are three open sides which help in trouble free viewing and placement of the sample.
    • Two different light sources are used in the instrument for testing of the sample that are white light and monochromatic light.

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