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Edge Crush Tester for Kenya

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The Edge Crush Tester for Kenya by Presto is one of the best testing instruments that are utilized in the packaging industry for testing the crushing strength of the packaging materials such as corrugated boxes, paper, corrugated sheets and so forth. The edge crush strength of the test specimen is an indicator of overall strength of the specimen and is used for quality assessment of the packaging materials. With presto’s edge crush tester, the manufacturers of packaging materials can ensure that the best quality of materials is supplied to the clients. The machine is capable of performing the tests according to the guidelines set by various standardization authorities.

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Presto is an industry acclaimed supplier and manufacturer of Edge Crush Tester for Kenya that are used by the packaging industries for finding the edge crush strength of various packaging materials. The machine comes with a high-quality digital peak load indicator that allows the user in an easy readout of the test results. This indicator can also be used for storing previous test results as well as the setting of the machine. The device is also assembled with safety features like limit switches and overload safety.

The machine is given to clients complete along with an instruction guide and a calibration certificate.

    • The maximum loading force that can be exerted on the test specimen is 100 kilograms.
    • The least count exhibited by the machine is a 100-gram
    • The equipment is given with ±1%.
    • The speed of the compression plate provided by the device is 12.5 ± 2.5 mm per minute.
    • The machine operates on a high voltage of 220 volts with single phase AC and a frequency of 50 Hz.
    • The exact measurement of the machine is given by 60 cm X 50 cm X 125 cm.
    • The device complies with the quality standards like IS 7036-2

    • The device is compiled with a precise and accurate digital test result display which helps in an easy readout of the test results by the user with high
    • The appliance also comes with a sophisticated S-type load cell which assists in the calculation of the pressure applied electronically.
    • The device also comes with a program lock feature incorporated in the peak load indicator that helps in prevention of any unauthorized changes done to the setting of the indicator.
    • The loading mechanism of the apparatus is electromechanical in nature.

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