Why Scuffing Test Is Important For Packaging Industry?

Why Scuffing Test Is Important For Packaging Industry?

Having an informative label is demand of every good packing. Attractive colours, exhaustive information and what not? A label carries all crucial information with which a user can connect and entice to buy the product. Since label is an important element of a packing, a manufacturer cannot afford to have a misprinted or scuffed label. Scuffing usually occurs when there is a friction between two surfaces. This results in fading of the print due to abrasion of film or paper. There are many precautions taken by the manufacturers to avoid the scuffing. But what is the success rate of the precautions taken? Are they providing ample of protection to the label? All this can be tested only when label is put into real life working conditions.

To assess the behavior of the label, you don’t have the eternity to observe. This is why accelerated tests are performed. To adjudge the behavior for scuffing, a scuff resistance tester is used. It subjects the test specimen to continuous friction and results are observed visually. Say, what is the behavior of the printed film after 500 rotations? Just set the number of rotations, the machine would complete the test in few hours. This test fast forwards the frictional effect on the test specimen.

How it works?

It is a motorized assembly and has a plunger arrangement to place two samples facing each other. The arrangement of scuff resistance tester moves in a rotational motion. Due to continuous friction of the samples, the scuffing starts to take place. The number of rotations are set using preset counter. Once the test is over, the samples are taken for observations. Depending upon the test results, further actions are planned.

Presto is the leading manufacturer and supplier of packaging testing instruments. Complying with international testing standards, the machines are designed to simulate the real working conditions in accelerated manner. With scuff resistance testing, manufacturers can assure that they are providing the complete information to customers in right and intact manner.

Highlights of Presto’s Scuff Tester

  1. Ideal for use in Packaging industries for testing the scuffing of printed materials.
  2. Highly reliable and accurate test results offered.
  3. Low maintenance is required for the instrument.
  4. Automatic buzzer provided with the instrument.

Technical Features of Presto’s Scuff Tester

  1. The size of the samples tested on the instrument is 2 inches and 4.5 inches.
  2. The additional weight of 2 psi is applied to the test specimen.
  3. There is a digital preset timer provided with the machine.
  4. The machine operates on an electrical supply of 220 volts, 50 Hz.