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How can Scuff Tester Fulfil Quality Demands of Packaging Industry?

People nowadays analyse the quality of the product by their packaging. The packing is the first platform where the eyes of a customer is laid upon. A good is packing is the one which attracts a consumer with just one click. And also it is important to maintain that spark for long. Therefore, through this blog section, we bring you one of the best testing modules of packaging industry which can help you in improving the display quality of the packaging films.

If the quality of the package cover is not up to the mark, the customer will assume that the quality of the product is also not good. Moreover, the packaging of the product also indicates its safety. Hence, the manufacturers are focusing on quality packaging to improve their market reputation.

To solve this major problem of quality assurance, testing instruments are playing a significant role in packaging testing. There are numerous testing tools that help the manufacturers to test the quality of the package. One of them which is used to test the resistance of a packaging film towards rubbing or scuffing is Scuff resistance tester. The machine will allow the operator to test the durability of printed ink and as per that the manufacturer can make changes.

This machine is used to estimate the rub resistance of printed matters and other labels. It is used mainly in paper and packaging industries to calculate colour consistency of coated or painted surfaces. Presto, one of the leading manufacturer of testing instruments, have designed a highly standardised and accurate Scuff tester machine with a wide range of advanced features.

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