Why Is It Essential To Measure The Wall Thickness Of Pet Bottles?

Why Is It Essential To Measure The Wall Thickness Of Pet Bottles?

Controlling the quality and measuring thickness of HDPE containers and PET bottles is an important process that must be followed by every manufacturer at the time of production. Quality control of PET & Preform bottles plays a significant role in producing a best quality product as per the standards. This helps to measure each and every property of the bottles such as bottleneck, shoulder height, and wall thickness. The quality of the bottle is determined mainly by the weight and the manner through which the weight of the bottle is maintained. In other words, the distribution of weight through the bottle is necessary to maintain and to ensure the equal thickness and uniform distribution of material. This helps to ensure the permeability and durability of the bottles.

Problem Arises with the Pet Bottles during Blow Molding

When a preform is blown via blow molding process, the bottle must gain equal distribution of material throughout the bottle in order to maintain proper balancing and perpendicularity of the bottle. If the material is not distributed equally, it will let the bottle bend from the area where the thickness of the material is comparatively less. It means that if there is less uniformity in the wall thickness of bottles, it will expand less from the thickest portion and vice versa. This is a major quality flaw that lets the manufacturers reject the entire lot. Hence, it is necessary to test the thickness of the bottle from all the sections.

Solution for Wall Thickness Measurement via Magna-Mike 8600

Magnamike® – 8600 is the best and portable testing machine that works on the methodology of Hall’s effect to perform the non-destructive type of testing and Measures the Thickness of HDPE containers. This device is widely used in PET & Preform testing laboratories that ensure the uniform distribution of material throughout the PET bottle using Magnamike 8600. To know in detail about the testing instrument, visit: www.testing-instruments.com/